Detmold Sourdough Bread

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Ingredients & Directions

-Sourdough breads, although
-lower in yeast content than
-regular yeasted
-breads, are never entirely
-yeast-free. An exception
-to this is
-sourdough bread using
-Detmold* starter, a
-specific strain of
-lactobacillus which is able
-to ferment flour.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% PREPARATION

It is best to make a new starter with every batch of bread. To 1/2 tsp
DETMOLD powder, add 1 cup warm (85F) water and approximately 1 cup of
flour, such that the mixture has the consistency of thick soup. Cover
and keep in a warm place (e.g. the oven with light on) for 24 hours.
There should tehn be bubbles in the mixture and a dark coloured
liquid should have separated.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%

Add the starter mixture to 8 cups of warm water and optionally cooked
sweet rice (see below). Add sufficient flour to give the consistency
of thick soup. cover and let sit overnight in a warm place. The
sponge can be made from water and flour only, but a much sweeter
bread results from using a significant amount of cooked sweet rice.
Twoo cups of dry sweet rice can be cooked in 8 cups of water and
allowed to cool for the sweet rice ingredient mentioned above.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% PREPARATION OF

The sponge has now risen, and 1 cup of this could be saved for
subsequent starter if kept refrigerated and used within a few days.
However, even in the refrigerator, the mixture will soon acquire wild
yeasts and no longer be completely yeast-free. Add to the risen
starter more flour until it becomes a kneadable dough. This will
require 12-18 cups of whole wheat flour. Knead the dough as little
as possible. Form the dough into loaves (about 5) and place into well
oiled pans. Ordinary bread pans do work, but the bread tends to be
thick crusted and to dry quickly. Round cans such as coffee cans, or
48 oz juice cans give a bread that rises better and dries less
quickly. Cover the pans with aluminum foil and let them sit in a
warm place for at least 4 hours.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% BAKING BREAD, AFTERNOON
%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Place the loaves in a cold oven and turn the oven to 350F. Bake for
about 1-1/2 hours TOTAL oven time. Freeze the bread if it is not
going to be used within the next few days. It is best to use freezer
bags with the air drawn out, and double sealed.

DETMOLD* Starter is available in health food sotres, or from: Paul
Wallenboren, PLAZAM Ltd., Box 127, Gardner, Colorado. 81040.

Origin: Yeast-Free Feast: Recipes and Ideas to Help Control Yeast
Related and other Environmental Health Problems, by Paula Medd.
Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Oct/94.

1 Servings

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