Mrs. Beeton's Steak & Kidney Pie

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Ingredients & Directions

1 ea Flaky Pastry

600 g Chuck/blade steak
3 ea 15 ml spoons plain flour
1 ea 5 ml spoon salt
1/2 ea 2.5 ml spoon ground pepper
2 ea Medium onions
250 ml Beef stock
2 ea Sheep or 150g Ox Kidneys

1 ea Beaten egg (or)

Wipe the steak and trim off any excess fat. Cut the steak into
1-2 cm cubes. Mix the flour, salt, & pepper in a bag or deep bowl.
Toss the cubes of meat in the seasoned flour and put them in a 1
litre pie dish. Skin and chop the onions and sprinkle between the
meat. Skin, core, and cut the kidneys before mixing with the steak
and onions. Pour in the stock to quarter fill the dish.
Roll out the pastry and use to cover the dish. Trim the edge and
flute. Make a small hole in the centre of the lid and decorate with
leaves of pastry. Make a pastry rose or tassel to cover the hole
after baking.
Bake the pie in a very hot oven (230C/450F) until the pastry is
risen and brown. Bake the tassel or rose blind. Reduce the oven to
moderate (180C/350F) and, if necessary, place the pie on a lower
shelf. Cover with greaseproof paper to prevent the pastry from
overbrowning and continue cooking for about 2 hours until the meat is
quite tender when tested with a skewer. Heat the remaining stock and
pour in enough to fill the dish by funnelling it through the hole in
the pastry. Insert the tassel, or rose and serve.

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