Pecan Breaded Catfish Filet W/etouffee Sauce

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Ingredients & Directions

1 tb Butter
2 tb All purpose flour
1/4 c Heavy cream
1/4 c Shrimp stock; (sub chicken
1/2 ts Diced red onions
1 ts Diced green bell peppers
1 ts Diced red bell peppers
1/2 ts Chopped garlic
1 Chopped scallions
1/4 ts Blackened fish seasoning
1 pn Cayenne pepper
1 ds Worcestershire sauce
1 pn Leaf thyme
1 tb Tomato sauce; (sub ketcup)
Salt and pepper to taste

2 lb Boneless catfish filets
2 c Finely chopped pecans
2 tb All purpose flour
1 pn Celery salt
1 pn Cayenne pepper
1 c Buttermilk
2 tb Olive oil
1 tb Cold unsalted butter

In braiser pan melt butter. When hot add onions and peppers. When soft add
garlic, allow to brown. Stir in flour to make roux. Lightly brown roux.
Scrape brown roux off bottom of pan, it adds extra flavor to sauce when
roux is lightly brown. Add shrimp stock,tomato sauce, and seasonings. As
soon as sauce reaches even texture add cream. Wisk until even texture.
Allow to simmer but stir occasionally so sauce does not burn. Keep sauce
warm until ready to serve.

To prepare breading:

In mixing bowl combine chopped pecans, all purpose flour, celery salt, and
cayenne pepper. Reserve until ready to bread fish.

To prepare catfish:

Cut filets into 2 oz. pieces. Place in buttermilk. Heat sautee pan over
medium heat. Add olive oil. When simmering add cold cold unsalted butter.
Thoroughly coat catfish with pecan breading. When butter is foaming in pan
add catfish. Cook for 2 minutes on each side. Serve hot on bed of etouffee

1 servings

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