Fish Pie Walleye

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Ingredients & Directions

2 1/2 c Fish stock -stock stirring until sauce
1/3 c Flour -thickens. Add cooked
1 c Cleaned cooked shrimp -carrots, celery,
1/2 c Prepared horseradish (opt) -peas,
-Prepare fish stock as -shrimp and boiled fish.
-follows: -Stir in horseradish if
-Place head and backbone of -desired. Turn
-filleted walleye into -mixture
-kettle with 1 cup -into 9-inch pie pan and
-diced -cover with pastry which has
-celery, 1/3 cup thickly -been rolled
-sliced carrots, 1 1/2 tsp -about
-salt and 3 cups 1/8 In thick. Crimp edges. Bake
-cold -in hot oven (450 degrees)
-water. Cover and simmer for -for 20
20 Minutes Strain. Pick out -to 25
-and save -minutes.
-celery 4 T Butter or margarine
-and carrots for pie 1/4 c Cooked peas, drained
-filling. Melt butter. Blend 1 c Boiled walleye
-in flour and add -pastry for single crust

1 servings

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