Marshmallow Bumpies

Apple Pie Dessert Patty Kitchen
wtwbwr / Pixabay

Ingredients & Directions

3 oz Softened cream cheese
2 tb Milk
2 c Confectioner’s sugar
1/4 ts Vanilla
2 oz Baking chocolate
1/8 ts Salt
3 c Miniature marshmallows
Flaked coconut

1. Blend together cream cheese and milk. Add sugar and vanilla,
well. Set aside. 2. Melt chocolate over hot water, stirring until
smooth. 3. Combine cream sheese mixture, melted chocolate, and salt,
together well. Fold in marshmallows. 4. Drop by teaspoonfuls into
coconut, completely coating each candy.
Place on a greased cookie sheet. Chill in refrigerator until
firm. ~–

60 Servings

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