Fresh Chile & Corn Fritters W/julienne Of Tart Indian App

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Ingredients & Directions

4 Green anaheim chiles 1 ts Salt
3 c Corn kernels, scraped from 1/2 ts White pepper
-the cob 3 tb All purpose flour
3 Green serrano chiles, seeded 3/4 c Clarified butter
-and chopped

1 tb Unsalted butter -julienned (do not peel)
6 sm Green apples, cored and 1/2 ts Celery seed

Roast the anaheim chiles, then peel, seed and dice them.

Process the corn in a food processor until it resembles a puree,
about 2 minutes. Scrape down with a spatula and process for another

In a bowl, mix together the corn puree,the chopeed chiles, salt, and
pepper. Slowly add the flour, small amounts at a time, while

In a medium saucepan, heat the clarified butter over high heat. Using
a large cook’s spoon or serving spoon, gently drop spoonfuls of the
batter into the hot butter. When the edges are brown after about 2
minutes, turn the fritters over and cook another 2 minutes. Remove
the fritters and allow them to drain on paper towels.

In another saucepan over medium high heat, melt the unsalted butter,
add the apples and the celery seed, and saute about 3 minutes, until
they begin to soften. Serve hot with the fritters.

*** NOTE *** To make clarified butter, melt butter over low heat,
then set aside to cool. When the milk solids have separated fro mthe
liquid, skim the top layer of froth from the butter with a spoon and
discard. Pour off the clarified butter, discarding the residue on the

Although Native Americans dry many foods for use throughout the year,
they always prefer the fresh taste of foods recently harvested: the
corn is sweeter, the chiles spicier, and the apples are tart. During
the late summer, when theser fruits and vegetables are harvested in
the Northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico, a dish such as this,
which combines an array of different flavors, is a fall favorite.

From “Native American Cooking,” by Lois Ellen Frank

12 servings

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